By Grant Chaperlin 3rd July 18

Cup of tea? Get some snacks? Pour yourself another beverage? Why not scrap the half time binge for a 15 minute workout?

footballer 1

I know Phil Jones face (picture above) doesn’t like the idea of it but that 15 minutes break that the players are getting you can be getting fit during it. If you’re not getting to the gym enough because of the World Cup, get your workout done at home. Yes everyone loves to have snacks and a bevy during the game but make a substitution at half time and bring in a burpee for that pint that is slowing the team down.

There are a number of exercises that are easy to do with no equipment needed apart from your own body weight. This will just be as good as attending the gym or going for a run/jog/bike. If done right, you could burn up to a good 300 calories in 15 minutes and by then the football will be getting back underway ready for you to recover back on that sofa.

Try this quick 15 Minute workout at Home:

Circuit Style Session: 45 seconds workout/ 15 seconds rest

Repeat x3

  • Brazilian Burppee
  • Swedish Squats
  • Mexican Mountain Climbers
  • Polish Press Ups
  • Spanish Sit Ups

Please note that the above exercise are just the normal techniques and no fancy way of doing them……it’s just my way of making this workout more football orientated.

So next time you watch the game, give the above workout a try.

Oh, and one last thing I forgot to mention……….IT’S COMING HOME!


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