Power Through Illness For Fitness?

Not feeling 100%? Your workout could make it worse.

We all come to a point in the year were you will be hit by some illness. Whether that is a cold or a fever, there comes a point where you need to make that decision on your workout regime while suffering such issues.

We all get the dreaded lurgy at some point, it doesn’t matter about how fit you are or how your diet is, it will catch up with you at some point. It’s a widespread dilemma for everyone. 

Catching up with one of our Personal Trainers, Josh Smith had this to say after recovering from his recent virus.

“I’ve always stayed quite healthy and fit and that includes keeping away from dreaded virus’s but soon as I got it, my god it hit me!” said Josh. “I pushed myself to keep going but all I did was put myself back even more, I felt awful after pushing myself through the coughs and splutters. Once I listened to my body and gave in to a full weeks rest, I soon got back to my habits of hitting the gym with no consequences of feeling weak or lethargic. It was good to finally be rid of the bug.”


So when is it ok to workout and when should I pass?

A good rule of thumb is to go by is symptoms below the neck. Think diarrhea or a cough, possibly a funny tummy, that is the time to put a hold on training. Also if you’re feeling feverish or body is aching (set aside the DOMS) or experiencing symptoms of exhaustion. Runny noses and sneezes, you should be ok. Bring down the intensity and duration of your workout and listen to your body. It is trying to recover from an illness after all, and ultimately, your body knows best.